Audio Testimonial

An audio testimonial

Meagan Green

I have worked with Chris and Stephie Bell for a few years now, and they are definitely great at what they do. Their professionalism, musical sensitivity, and attention to detail in their work is notable. I encourage you to give their services a try. You won't regret it. Meagan Green is currently working on her first album and website.

Paul Puiia

I would like to say as a student of Chris working with affordable studio services on projects has been such a great learning experience. His knowledge and experience just cannot be underestimated. I will continue to remain a student as long as he is available to work with. He is very flexible and easy to deal with no matter what the circumstances. I live hundreds of miles away and have learned much by having lessons over Skype and email support as well.

Because of the good experience Iíve had with Affordable Studio Services, I also recently decided to work with the studio ownerís wife, Steph to have my website built by her. She is a pleasure to work with and is also flexible with a lot of creative ideas. I cannot say enough good things about the great service I have received from the both of them and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of recording or web design services.

Thank you Chris and Steph

Harry Martin

Affordable studio services is nothing less than top grade plus in sound recording. I have been playing professionally for forty eight years in most U.S. states, Europe, and Korea: the latter two were USO tours. I play and teach several instruments, sing lead and harmony, and am a song writer and producer. On stage I know how to entertain as well as work as a team in a group.

In my recording experience from New York City to Memphis Tn., to many studios in Missouri, none have come close to the overall quality of Chris and Stephie. I will have a top selling record in the future. It will probably come from the musical talent that Chris Bell has with his ability to render great quality music in his studio because of his depth of tecnical ability.

Harry Spencer

About eight months ago, I decided to convert a spare bedroom into a home studio, both for my personal use as a musician and as a potential source of income. I met Chris through an online recording forum. Via email and at no charge, Chris helped me choose a professional sound card that fit my needs and budget. Since then, with my DAW finally up and functioning, Chris has tutored me via telephone for about 10 hours.

With his help, Iíve built a used computer as a DAW, installed recording software (Sonar), configured my DAW settings to optimize digital recording and created my first stereo recording project. In addition, and probably more important, he has answered countless questions that only a total novice like me would ask.

I appreciate Chris on several levels. As a musician and as a recording engineer, he has tons of practical knowledge. As someone who has lived in the real world, he helped me find a way to set up a studio on a shoestring budget. During our phone sessions, I found him friendly and flexible. Iíll be calling you soon, Chris.

Gudrun Brunot

Since December last year, I have taken lessons over the phone from Chris Belle at Affordable Studio Services. Iíve had quite a few, since their rates are so affordable indeed that I donít worry about how often I have them. The format is also so very flexible that I can call with a question or two and have just a half hour, should my available time be limited.

Chris is knowledgeable, patient, and has a great sense of humor. He is also totally accepting of the kind of music the student wants to play. His main goal, I feel, is to make me, as his student, able to do what I have in mind.

I have sharpened my ability to produce soundscape for our local theater productions, radio shows for our local radio stations, and accompaniments for myself as a performer. He will demystify those tricky situations where your computer doesnít seem to want to cooperate with your keyboard, help you figure out what connections and settings to test, in short, help you trouble shoot, so youíre less discombobulated the next time youíre stuck. We have covered CDRCue, Sonar, SoundForge, Winamp and technical issues when considering whether to buy a digital work station. I recommend Chris and his tutoring services wholeheartedly.

Julie Vogt.

I have known Chris for a few years and lost track of him until about two months ago when we were reunited by a blind voice-chat-accessible chat line on the Internet. I had a bunch of work which I wanted to compile into a CD which had been greatly messed with, to the extent that I felt if I didn't start over or give up, nothing would ever come of it.

When you pay good money to follow bad work by some one who is not as gifted as Chris at Affordable Studio Services, it makes you leery. I knew it would need everything from touch-up to great salvage. I am well-pleased with the work Chris was able to do for me and pleased with what the Image Maker has done for my cover as well. It only took him a week to make the sound quality what I wanted. I am about to receive a great product which I am pleased to finally be able to sell and win souls to Christ and make some money at the same time. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Chris for all your hard rescue work. Next CD, I will work the whole project with you.

Jennifer Thomas, Director for-the-people.com

I have had the pleasure of knowing Chris Belle for eight years now. Chris produced an audio CD consisting of eighteen tracks for my nonprofit organization. His billing rates were very competitive, but the quality of his work was superb! Chris went way beyond the call of duty on this project. He took our eighteen amateur tracks and spit and polished them until they shown their finest! Chris also produced several fabulous audio PR sound clips for our web site.

I cannot recommend these folks strongly enough. You will not be disappointed! Their dedication to excellence is only surpassed by their creativity and their vast talent. Do yourself a favor, check out Chris Belle's music! A thoroughly satisfied customer, and a major fan.

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