We offer some special extras here at Affordable Studio Services. It's known as I.L.T. which stands for Insanely Low-Priced Tutoring.

In this day and age of faster computing, and low-cost but high quality audio gear, what used to cost thousands of dollars is now possible to do for much less.

If you are an aspiring engineer/musician/artist who would like to learn about the process of recording, laying tracks, and the various necessary skills required to create a high-quality audio project,we will teach you.

What's the price? A ridiculously low $20.00 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. Tutoring can be done over the phone so you will need to have a good long-distance package. We can also use skype. We will take you step by step through applications like Nero, sonar, sound forge, hooking up your mixer or synthesizer, installing software and drivers, and any number of operations which will get you that much closer to being in charge of your own creativity.

Note: We can not possibly know by heart every application that is on the market these days. There are lots and lots of them. The good news is that with patience, and a little exploration, any differences can be ironed out as most general creativity tools of this nature have a lot of things in common. Sometimes all that a person needs is a knowledgeable experienced professional to familiarize them with some basics. We like to teach in a relaxed, and fun manner. You go at your own pace.

At our prices you won't be watching the clock and tapping your foot.
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