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Welcome to Affordable Studio Services located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

We provide high-quality and affordable performance tracks, audio recording services for musicians, song-writers, entertainers, collectors, and audio professionals/enthusiasts.

Are you a song-writer who needs high quality demos to give to prospective publishers? We Can take care of you.

Are you already an accomplished recording technician/artist who needs that special over-dub or track sweetener to bring your project to life? Let us help.

We have put together some money-saving packages with you in mind. You are by no means limited to the packages, you may come create your music at our facility at our very competitive rate of only $40 an hour. The last time we checked, our competitors in this town were charging $20 more per hour. They are a large studio and they do excellent work. These types of studios are more appropriate for big bands, choirs and large group projects. They have more over-head and need to charge way more just to keep the doors open. A smaller project studio can do much of the same work a larger studio can, and in many cases, do it better and for much less than a traditional facility.

Equipment List

Take advantage of one of these terrific recording packages or have it your way at a price you can afford.

Don't forget our Restoration Services

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