Sample 1:


This is a song from one of our fine folks who wrote a song for his dad's 80th birthday. Now how cool is that?

Sample 2:

One of our lovely ladies did a Christmas album here.

Thank you Alisha.

Sample 3:

Dusty Loco

This song was written by one of the drummers who have recorded here at Affordable Studio Services. Harry's a top drawer musician. This features his fine playing, and also some great long standing local talent on horns. Your's truly on guitar, and you'll have to guess where the cat purr came from. She sounds like a lioness doesn't she?

Sample 4:

Pure Heart

One of our fine gospel song writers/artists doing one of my favorites of his. He's working on his third album with us, great job Nathan.

Sample 5:

call me

Isn't this a nice tune?

I was hired by an organization to train this young fellow in the art of recording. This is his first song. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from him.

Thank you Ruston.
Sample 6: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye

This is one of my wife's favorites done by yours truly. Yes, I'm just a warm fuzzy romantic at heart.

Sample 7:

We like to dabble in all sorts of music here at Affordable. This is a medally of hymns done with synthesizers in a dance style, Enjoy.

Sample 8: Just a fun little instrumental I came up with.
Don't you cat lovers agree?

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