operating policies

We like to be flexible here at Affordable Studio Services, but for things to run smoothly, some guidelines are necessary. These may be amended or updated at any time without notice.

1. Please try to be on time.

Nothing starts a session out on a sour note more than having already wasted time waiting and musicians/artists don't show. It also makes it hard to schedule others in the studio. We generally won't do this unless it is abused, but Affordable Studio Services reserves the right to charge a penalty for consistant tardiness or last minute cancellations.

2. Please do not bring food or beverages in to the studio.

Something in a bottle that can be sealed is acceptable, but it is too easy to have spills around expensive equipment. Remember, the clock stops for reasonable break periods, ie, meals, etc.

3. No alcoholic beverages please.

We take our job seriously here at Affordable, which is making you sound good. You can't do your best work when under the influence. We know we can't.

4. Please try and not track dirt in to the studio.

this is impossible to completely stop when carrying in equipment, but we observe a practice of removing shoes when in the tracking or control room to help keep this down. When possible, leave shoes at the door. Also, observing good bathing and hygene practices is strongly recommended, since a studio by it's nature is a tight space. Nobody likes smelly musicians, or for that matter, smelly engineers smiles.

5. Affordable studio services gives good value for what we do.

Our stated prices are not negotiable. If we want to give a break or discount, that is strictly our pirogative. We are not a bank or a lending service. We have to pay bills just like you do. You are welcome to go elsewhere if you feel our prices are too high.

6. do not expect a full mix to be completed in the last half hour of a session.

Even simple Mixes take time, allow for it in your budget. so does rendering out raw tracks, looping, copying, anything other than what you recorded. We will charge a fair price for any of these services, including cd or dvd burning; uploading projects, anything extra. If you request something other than what you initially asked for, please expect to pay for it.

7. We understand being artists and musicians/producers our selves, that this business isn't like buying a quarter pounder at Mc Donalds, the creative process doesn't run by the clock or convenient time schedules always, but the more prepared you are, the better your session will go. Studio time is not the time to practice, or brain-storm, if your on a budget. If your not on a budget, and independantly wealthy, then take all the time you want, the engineer will work till he drops! Seriously, a little preparation and thinking ahead, having your tracks ready, your lyrics, anything you need to get the job done will facilitate a better experience at less cost to you.

8. If you happen to break anything while your here, ie, knock over a microphone, and damage it, consider that you bought it.

9. Affordable Studio Services shall not be liable for personal injuries, or damage to your equipment caused by mis-handling, mis-use, or accidental causes. Care has been taken to make our environment safe and comfortable, and we reserve the right to ask you to sign a statement that you will not hold us liable for unreasonable circumstances or conditions or faults we did not cause to happen.

10. If you want to revisit your work at any time, it is recommended for you to purchase a back-up dvd of your project. Due to space constraints, we do not archive projects for long term storage. We have options ranging from standard 4.5 gig dvds to m-disc military grade permanent storage which is extremely rugged and risistant to light, moisture, and other aging conditions which would render most other dye based disc solutions unreadable after a few years.

We will be happy to discuss and implement which ever solution best suits your needs.

How personal information is handled, as well as what you can and cannot do with files posted to this site. If you have any questions regarding the following information, please contact us

1. Links To Other Sites and Products Mentioned

Affordable Studio Services cannot be held liable for the content of websites linked to on this site. All products mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

2. Privacy Policy and Other Terms

A. Any contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, etc. will be treated as confidential and will not, under any circumstances, be shared with a third party without your permission. We ask for this information on our contact form, or may ask for it via E-mail or any other form of communication that we feel is best.

B. Affordable Studio Services reserves the right to refuse/reject projects we consider offensive, demeaning, etc.

C. Affordable studio services reserves the right to charge a deposit and the amount will depend on the price charged for work. e.g. a project costs $500 we reserve the right to charge $200 before work begins.

D. You are responsible for making sure we get paid. We do not offer this service for

free. Failing to pay may suspend any service that we've agreed upon, and we may have the right to go after you legally for the money.
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